Wood projects, prototyping, coin plaques, 3D printing, American Coin factoids, and change holders.

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 Wooden plaques & panels:

0.20 " panels 5" by 7" Premium Birch panel: $5.00

0.20 " Rectangular & Oval panels Made In China $3.00 

8" by 10" by 13/16" Basswood Plaque by Demis: $10.00

12" by 12" by 1/2" Birch Plywood by Woodcraft: $15.00 

16" by 20" by 13/16" Basswood Plaque by Demis: $20.00

 23.88" by 23.88" square  0.20" Birch panel plain, no work done $15.00 ea.

Metal trim on 24" square plaques only: $16


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